Timber doors always have been most natural material and good quality doors can last for very long time. In nowadays manufacturing technologies are developed to make highest quality performance, durability and very long lifetime. Sealing materials and manufacturing technologies give us opportunity to deliver harsh climate resistant timber windows and doors.

Our cross laminated timber is durable even for large size constructions like sliding doors or simple slim frame doors

ARKA lux products are designed to get more light indoors and have less massive frames. We are thinking about energy efficiency and the way how to get more light inside the rooms to save electricity and more use the energy what gives us nature.

Timber makes your home more cozier and inner house climate better.

ARKA lux timber products are manufactured from highest class cross laminated pine which is most popular material for timber doors and much resistant comparing with solid timber board.

If you are looking for exclusive material, we have in our timber range Oak, Sapeli, Jatoba and more materials.

We offer windows and doors with variety range of safety glazing, sun protection and equip windows and doors with burglar proof ironmongery. All windows and doors are available with child safety equipment to make your home safe for your kids and protect from “guests” that aren’t welcome.

Feel free to send us your query and ask for more information to our specialists. Consultation and quote never costs you money, but good advice could make your further life much better and happier.


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